It all started back in 3rd grade when I wrote a poem about a seed. Yeah that's right, a seed. As in: going outside, digging up some dirt, dropping a seed in, and waiting for a sprout. 8-year-old me somehow won 1st place in a Suffolk County poetry contest about a seed. Fast forward 13 years later, my love for writing is still there. My love for seeds, not so much. In fact, the whole "nature" thing really isn't my scene (see below).
What is my scene, you may ask? I love exploring NYC, binge watching Friends, and shopping for shoes (that I usually don't need... oops).​​​​​​​ I'm obsessed with everything from the color blue to organizing my Spotify playlists every 17 days. Not to mention, I define the astrological sign "Leo". Type A, outgoing, and sometimes (hopefully) humorous. Yup, thats me!
Although I'm no longer writing poetry about a plant's reproductive system, I am looking forward to writing some pretty killer copy at an ad agency for... at least the rest of my life.
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